I begin with an idea and then it becomes something else.

– Pablo Picasso

Like Picasso said, Damn Ripped began as an idea. An idea that I brought to life just to avoid the constant constant nagging of my friends to calculate their TDEE. An idea that’s still evolving.

Our Mission Is To Offer Our Readers A One-Stop Destination For The Most Exciting And Relevant Health, Fitness & Lifestyle Content From All Around The World.

We Here At damnripped.com Are Dedicated To Providing You With The Best Fitness Tools & Articles On Everything Related To Fitness. Including Thoughts On Training, Nutrition And General Well Being.

We Aim To Work With Only The Best Writers, Developers And People To Provide The Best Experience Possible For You. Whether Your Goal Is To Slim Down, Bulk Up, Compete On Stage Or Just Want To Look Good On The Beach, We Will Be Here To Help And Guide You On Your Journey.

We Also Hope To Provide Encouragement And Motivation For You, If You Ever Feel Like You’re Slipping Away From Your Goals.

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I am Raghu, the founder of damnripped.com.