Cardio Workout Routines to Do at the Park

If you are tired of shelling out those big bucks for gym workouts or can’t follow a strict timetable to go for physical fitness programs, then you are in luck.

Most parks nowadays allow exercises to take place in public, with a few public gyms having dedicated paths for jogging, running as well as cycling.

Moreover, the benches, are a good option for getting that intense cardio done! Your best thing is that you don’t have to pay for the time spent in those public gyms, nor do you have to follow a strict timetable to get things done! Here are some workouts for fitness that can perform in gyms.

Triceps Dip using a bench

If you are aware of what triceps are, you would know where this is heading. The Triceps dip is a common practice in public gyms as it requires support which in this case is a swing, to perform. This workout practice takes place by sitting on the edge of a bench and then placing both your hand’s face down on the side. Now, if you slowly move your butt away from the bench edge and move a few paces away from the bench, you can push back and forth on the seat to get your reps done.

Push up using a bench

A bench push works exactly as a regular pushup does. For this to work, you need to face down and place your hands on a bench park such that your body forms a straight diagonal line. After that, all you need to do is push down using your elbows until your body touches the bench and then push up to the initial position. This pushup technique is an excellent way to bring strength and lose some of that consistent weight. What’s the need to go to the gym for workouts when you can do it in the park!

Row leaning using a swing

Now you can also use a park swing to get your workout done. Row leaning involves holding a rhythm with your hand and out from your chest, such that you form an angle of 45 degrees with the ground. The more you lean towards the ground, the tighter it gets to get back up. This process primarily involves moving back and forth, i.e., from the inclined position to the starting position. This workout is pretty compelling and helps reduce that unnecessary weight while staying fit and healthy.

Pull-up grip using a monkey bar

Most kids love to hang down from an overhead or monkey bar, but did you know that this very bar can also be used to work out? Yes, while this bar has been in use by people to increase height, it also works wonders when it comes to losing some of that stubborn fat.

To make this work, you need to hold the monkey bar with one of your hands and push up with all your force. It would seemingly be hard to do at first since your body weight works against you. However, you would be able to work wonders once you get the hang of it. Perform some reps and when your hand gets exhausted, switch to the other side.

Workouts using battle ropes

Battle ropes have been in your life when you have not even realized it. Battle ropes are just like ordinary skipping ropes with stronger built quality, except that they are attached to some pole or wall, etc. and are super sturdy in nature.

These ropes can be used primarily to perform some critical workouts such as wave-like movements, slamming techniques and jumping techniques such as lunge jumping and jumping squats.

The method of battle ropes makes it simpler and easier to get intensive cardio workouts done, and it is even proposed to help reduce ten calories per minute while making your abs, arms, and shoulders stronger. So what are you waiting?

Back-jumping using a bench

We have seen some desk related workouts on this list. Another exercise is used to jump up and down backward utilizing the seat. The whole procedure is pretty straightforward; you face a desk from the front and then climb upwards with all you force on the bench. Next, you jump off with backward from the seat which completes one rep. Make sure not to fall off to the ground by losing balance in the process!


We always thought that parks were the place for kids only, but turns out that there is much more that can get done when you are all geared up for exercising there. The swings, monkey bars, and poles are perfect for all sorts of intensive workouts.

Exercise is integral part of one’s life but eating healthy food is also,so make sure you keep your diet for fit body up and regular.eating cooked and grilled food rich in protein, carbs etc. along with fruits and veggies will help to build muscles

The even better part is that you don’t have to pay to work-out and exercise in the parks, nor do you have to pay to join the public gym in the park. We hope that this is enough to get you motivated and geared up to work-out this winter!

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