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How To Pick The Healthiest Dark Chocolate And How It Can Help You Lose Weight!

Dark chocolate with organic ingredients is popular among a large number of people for the taste and health benefits. While many products are available in the market, at times, it is the most simple products with less number of ingredients manufactured in a very uncomplicated manner that are the most popular. If you are looking for chocolates without soy content in it and with minimalist ingredients that combined perfectly to give fabulous dark chocolate, here is what you need to know about it.

Three Ingredients For A Great Product

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This combination of organic unsweetened chocolate, organic sugar, and organic cocoa butter to make organic dark chocolate is one of the most popular varieties available in the market. The product of minimalist ingredients this bittersweet chocolate is very famous for putting together great recipes. Without soy ingredients, the flavor of this chocolate is natural and fully organic and offers a very good experience for users. When you buy this organic product ensure that you pick it from a reputed manufacturer.

Gluten Free Vegan Product

A large number of people consume vegan products and shun anything that has got gluten in it. The featured product is free from gluten and is fully vegetarian; this makes it what are the best products that are organic, free from sugar and bittersweet. This product gives you the natural taste and flavor of cocoa without any added preservatives and ingredients that will take away the unique taste and flavor. This is ideal for people who do not take their health for granted.

Free From Genetically Modified Varieties

While the benefits of genetically modified plants may be suitable for some industries, these plants carrot rival the aroma and flavor of natural varieties of cocoa and cacao that are formed organically. Choose a reputed manufacturer who sources ingredients that are traditionally farmed and free from any kind of genetic modification. Ideally, GMO varieties offer better yield and resistance to pests. In the case of cocoa and cacao plants, the best flavors are seen in organically farmed varieties.

Right Kind Of Certification For Superior Quality

Processes that are certified by various regulatory authorities for superior quality indicate the quality of the processes. This could be not just in the manufacturing unit, it could also be in the organic farming practices, and the superior processes followed in the supply chain. Therefore when you choose dark chocolate always take care to ensure that you choose a product from a company that has the necessary certifications. For instance, it could be GMP, it could be HACCP, and it could also be certification to prove that it is not genetically modified.

Cheat Sheet To Look For The Best Dark Chocolate

With a large number of brand and claims of purity, you may sometimes find it very difficult to identity in the best one. You may be known of all the different aspect that needs to be checked, but you may not be aware of how you need to go about checking those aspects. So here is a little cheat sheet that will help you to identify the best dark chocolate. Go ahead, treat your taste buds school in lip-smacking dark chocolate, which will be the best combination with cakes, cookies, and muffins.

  • Superior Taste Comes With Purity Of Ingredients – In other words, the chocolate that you use should not have additional flavors to take away the superior taste of pure and natural cocoa flavor. It is this a natural taste that gives chocolate its unique blend which stays in your mouth for long, much after you have finished eating it. When you choose a product that has been blended with additional flavors, you will lose this lingering quality. Therefore if you find the pack claiming to be fortified with additional flavors, then it would be a good idea to avoid that.
  • Identify Quality With The Right Color – It may not be possible for you to check out chocolate by its texture until you unwrap its contents. The best bet would be to check out its color. Chocolate that is dark in Shade indicates rich and high cocoa content. The higher the Cocoa content, the better will be the quality of the chocolate. However, you need to understand that higher Cocoa content will make the chocolate a little bitter. That is the desired quality. Therefore opt for the best grade of dark chocolates which will help you to have a thoroughly enjoyable experience.
  • Never Choose The Sweetened Chocolates – If you would like to combine the benefits of good taste with good health, then you should not be looking at chocolates that are sweetened. Unsweetened chocolates are the best for health purposes and will also help you to try out various recipes. For instance, if you have a sweetened Chocolate as an ingredient, you may have to add another ingredient to neutralise the sweetness if it is more. Rather than that it would always be a good idea to use unsweetened chocolate and just add the desired amount of sweat inner as and when it is necessary.
  • Look Out For Chocolates That Are Alkalised And Avoid Them – Many manufacturers tend to use tartaric acid, Phosphorus acid as an ingredient to smoothen out the texture and adjust the flavor of chocolates to get the taste of ready-made chocolates. This is not the healthiest option, because it robs the Cocoa of all antioxidant properties when the alkalised ingredients are introduced into the chocolate. Therefore if you come across chocolate that advertisers any of these ingredients, then you can be sure that you are looking at the nation health version of it.
  • Choose a product that has been manufactured by a company that is renowned for maintaining the taste and flavor in addition to superior manufacturing practices. This will ensure that the chocolate products that you purchase are manufactured through processes that do not dilute the best flavor and brand value of a product.

But How Can It Help You Lose Weight?

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Who ever associates chocolate with weight loss? The two words don’t even sound right when put in the same sentence. Anyone who has ever gone on a diet has had to stay miles away from chocolate but now, there’s an all new take on this. Experts and studies have revealed that there are tons of health benefits that chocolate has, one of them being weight loss! It’s like the good news we’ve been waiting for all our lives is finally here and if you think it’s too good to be true, think again!

So here’s the deal: Cocoa in its raw form is naturally very high in natural plant nutrient, flavanols and this element of chocolate is what we can take advantage of for weight loss. But before you tuck into a kilo of Dairy Milk, there’s more to this intriguing theory that you should know about. It has been found that the flavanil content in dark chocolate improves insulin (a complex hormone involved in a vast number of biochemical reactions in the body). However, one of them is to determine whether or not the food you’ve consumed is absorbed or simply stored as fat. Now, if you improve your insulin sensitivity you in turn improve your ability to absorb and use carbs as sugars! Isn’t that cool? Still not convinced? There’s even a study that shows chocolate can help you lose weight and keep it off!

Now that you have a brief understanding of how it works, let me share with you 5 ways in which chocolate can aid you in shedding those extra kilos…

1. It cuts cravings 

Though it maybe a counter intuitive approach, sometimes you need to give into your cravings in order to make them go away. While following a strict diet, we tend to get these unstoppable and unhealthy sugar cravings. A little bit of dark chocolate will help curb this and will stop you from eating some thing higher in sugar value and lower in nutrients.

2. It regulates your appetite 

Chocolate is known to have a sufficient amount of fibre to keep your appetite in control. Nibbling on some dark chocolate over nutritionally empty sweets for a quick snack will help avert that insane craving more effectively.

3. It improves metabolism

Dark chocolate is packed with monounsaturated fatty acids which help step up metabolism so you burn calories faster. Chocolate affects the way our body synthesises fatty acids and reduces the absorption of fats and carbohydrates.

4. Encourages exercise

Chocolate has anti-inflammatory constituents, which when combined with its generous supply of magnesium, may lead to less pain. Exercise appears far more appealing when you feel good. If there is pain after a strenuous session at the gym, munch on a bit of chocolate and see the change!

5. It reduces stress and inflammation

Stress is a killer and can trigger of weight loss. It is tried and proven that chocolate does considerably help in reducing stress. Eating dark chocolate increases serotonin and endorphin levels in the brain, which helps alleviate feelings of stress and anxiety and boost your mood. Coming to inflammation, when your body is inflamed, it experiences problems at the cellular level. Munching on dark chocolate in moderation can help prevent and repair the cellular damage caused by inflammation because the flavanols found in cocoa contain anti-inflammatory properties.
Having said all this, make sure you don’t over indulge yourself. Dark chocolate will only aid weight loss, so don’t expect a miracle. However, I’m sure it’s just comforting to know that you don’t have to totally stay away from chocolate.

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