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6 Things You Can do to Jumpstart Your Weight Loss

Are you looking to move your weight loss goals in the right direction and make the kinds of physical achievements that you’ve been working so hard for? There’s often a well-shared frustration surrounding weight loss, particularly in the final stages when you need to rid yourself of those irritating little bits of remaining weight. But never fear, we’ve got some great pointers that will help you break through the barrier and realise your ambition! Check out these six simple, yet super effective tips you can add to your life that will jumpstart your weight loss…

Let’s get you moving!

Your body is a magnificent creation and it was designed with movement in mind. There are thousands of people who spend their lives in a sitting position, but this definitely is not what we were made to do; it is not natural.

While being sedentary is also a common trait these days, there’s not much excuse because it’s really, really easy to get exercise in your life. Even if it’s just an hour of physical activity, that is FOUR PERCENT of your day! A basic example of getting extra exercise in when you have a spare five minutes include climbing a few flights of stairs near to where you work, either walking them, jogging, or running as quickly as possible; it’s all going to be beneficial.

Greens are on your side

Consuming greens of all kinds are on hand to help you. Not only are they packed full of delicious flavour, their nutritional offerings are simply magical as well.

Anyone who has weight loss in mind should be factoring in greens into their diet. Why? Well, they are low in calories, contain a high level of nutrients, come bursting with water and fibre, not to mention being filling in a good way so you don’t have to feel guilty!

The options are positively endless, so you’ll never get bored and it’ll keep you keen to try new things when it comes to cooking too. leave off the sauces and dressings as they’re not too friendly, but once you fall for the flavours and overall health appeals of greens there’s just no looking back.

Take the sugars out of your life (all of them)

Okay, don’t be scared, you can do it. Sugar is lurking in so many of the foods we eat, and just as we mentioned in the previous points with dressings and such, you’ll find sugar kicking about it so many things you never even knew about.

If you want to knock off the final few pounds then avoid fruit and any kind of healthier replacements for brown/white sugar that you’ve gone for, like honey and agave, because, at the end of the day they are sugars that you can do without.

If it all seems a little OTT then just scale these examples to a bare minimum; it will be worth it, we promise!

Sleep is like your own superhero

Need to be saved from your nemesis, body fat? Sleep is the superhero ready to fight your corner for you. It really cannot be emphasised enough just how essential sleep is to your health, which includes weight loss. You only have to look at the Sleep Advisor website to see this for yourself!

High-quality sleep allows your body to hold stable moods and balanced hormones, while also regulating emotions and cutting out pesky and unwanted cravings.

If fatigue creeps in, then your body will effectively always be seeking a source of energy. This can be misconstrued as you being hungry, and then you head for excess snacks that you didn’t ever need in the first place.

Aim for between seven and nine hours of sleep each evening and leave your smartphones out of the bedroom to prevent the screen interrupting your slumber.

Get on the whole grain train

The nonsense surrounding carbs being bad for weight loss really does irk those in the know, as it’s a massive myth and complete ploy on behalf of clever marketing bods.

If you select carbs that are carefully picked out and are consumed in moderation, you’ll actually see that they assist in keeping your energy levels up, they help to fuel your brain so it functions properly and they stop your belly from rumbling for longer periods, which means you’ll be less tempted to reach for yet more food when you really don’t need to.

Here’s the trick… Stay well away from anything that contains wheat and definitely any kind of flour. Forget whether it’s organic, gluten-free, all of those types of things, just steer clear. Instead, opt for genuine, real whole grains that were formed naturally before processing has touched them.

Great examples include:

  • Organic wholegrain rice
  • Quinoa
  • Millet

Before you cook these mega nutritious whole grains, soak them. And then when you do eat them, do so in moderation. We’re willing to bet that the following day you will be fully aware of how your body’s energy remains without flagging throughout the day!

Wave goodbye to alcohol

There’s some substance to the fact that a glass of red can be good for you, but if you truly want to be in a position whereby you lose the weight you want to, then alcohol is firmly on the banned list for you.

The liver is the organ that leads the charge in terms of your digestion and detoxification. Now, alcohol is basically poison, so your liver ranks metabolising alcohol before fat. Now you can see why, if your aim is to lose weight, your liver shouldn’t have the added stress and distraction of dealing with alcohol in your system.  

Let your liver conquer the fat in your body and leave alcohol out of the equation because having the willpower to say no to a drink will be the best move when you look in the mirror and see just how great you look!

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