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Pain Relief for Athletes: What Works Best?

Athletes often experience pain in the joints and muscles because they are always in motion. Although the body was made to always be in motion, overexerting can cause problems including pain. If exercises are not properly done or if the body is overworked, the muscles and joints may develop pain. Therefore, athletes are always on the lookout for pain relief for the muscles and the joints. This article focuses on how athletes can be able to get permanent relief from pain. There are several ways in which athletes can get relief. The choice of what method to use to use depends on several factors.

First, it depends on the cause of the pain. For instance, pain caused by muscle fatigue will be treated differently than the pain caused by muscle or joint diseases like arthritis. Another factor is the extent of the pain. For very acute pain, for instance, several methods may be used for relief whereas for mild pain a simple treatment method may suffice.

The third determinant for what method to use is the location of the pain. So what are the available solutions for the pain relief?

Pain Relief Solutions for Athletes


One of the easiest ways to get relief for pain is through medication. The medication is in the form of painkillers. However, popping pain relief medication has been associated with many problems and side effects. One of the problems with pain relief medication is that it is very easy to overdose on it.

Another problem with pain relief medication has been associated with liver and gastrointestinal problems. Furthermore, medication can be addictive if used regularly.

The other type of medication available is in the form of muscle relaxing gels. Muscle relaxing gels are best used to eradicate muscle pain. They are not suitable for use when the patient has joint pain. The muscle relaxing creams are readily available in the market, but there are also many of them that are not proven to provide the claimed results.

It is therefore essential that some due diligence is carried out before using the creams. The creams have some pungent smells that may not be very favourable for many. However, a disgusting smell is quite a little discomfort as compared to the pain the athlete is feeling.

Stretching for Relief:

Another great and free way of getting relief is through doing stretches. Three types of stretching exercises can be done when an athlete is in pain. The three types are; dynamic stretching, static stretching, and pre-contraction stretching. Dynamic stretching further is divided into active and ballistic stretching.

Active stretching involves moving the limbs back and forth to the full range of motion. Static stretching involves holding a specific position until a stretching sensation is felt on the muscles and then the process is repeated. This is the most common type of stretching.

The choice of the exercise to undertake depends on the location of the pain. For instance for lower back pain, the stretches one can do include; hamstring floor stretch, spinal stretch, knee to chest stretch, forward stretch and so many more.

The best stretch should be chosen depending on the extent of the pain being felt by the athlete since the difficulty levels of the stretches are different. All other body parts have different stretching exercises in all the three categories of stretching named.


Mild exercises are another great way of relieving pain. Such exercises include cycling, swimming, water aerobics and jogging amongst many others. Exercises are recommended because they also help to strengthen the muscles and even the joints.

For pain relief, all the exercises mentioned should be practised in moderation. If a certain exercise seems to increase the pain, then it should be avoided at all costs. Exercises can be done anywhere at home or on the track.


If you love to pamper yourself then this solution is for you. You can be able to relieve pain in your muscles through massages. They work by providing relaxation to your muscles while still increasing blood flow to the muscles.

Massages for pain relief should be provided by a trained professional most preferably by a chiropractor or a sports health doctor.

Physical Therapy:


If the pain is recurrent and acute then physical therapy is the way to go. The therapist designs a program that best suits your needs. The program will involve low impact exercises, stretching and strengthening exercises.

The major benefit of working with a physical therapist is that they can offer a long-term solution to your problem especially when the pain is recurrent.

Strengthening Exercises:

An athlete’s body requires strengthening to be able to take the beating it gets every day. The bones, joints, and muscles should be strong enough to enable the athlete to endure the beating their body receives.

Spinal Manipulation:

It should be done by chiropractors only because it is a sensitive process requiring manipulating the spinal discs a good that the spine is well aligned. This process can help eradicate back pain quickly.

Heat or Ice Treatment:

Applying heat or ice to the affected area helps to numb the pain and keep your muscles relaxed. It also reduces inflammation and any swelling to the area. The ice packs or hot therapy should be used several times a day for the best results. It is recommended to be done at least three times a day, but u can increase the frequency depending on how you feel.

What Causes Athlete’s Pain?

There are many causes of pain for athletes including; poor posture, poor conditioning, injury, muscle strain, over-extension of the muscles, tearing of tendons or ligaments, jerking movements and many others.

Regardless of the cause of pain for athletes, there are many solutions for them to choose from as indicated here. It also depends on what works for you. It is also possible to use more than one method to treat the problem and get relief for the pain.

If you’re looking for athletes pain relief, contact us for more information about our services or make an inquiry.

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