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5 Home Based Crossfit Workouts For Effective Fat Loss

Just remember to be stronger than your strongest excuse.

People who know that to shred fat from a certain part of the body, it is essential to lower the overall body fat. Cross-fit workouts help us in concentrating on all parts of your body and losing the fat quickly as it challenges you to work harder than ever before. Cross-fit workout sessions come up with a new challenge every day which helps you to build up strength and endurance. These are much more than your regular fitness regimen at your gym. So, to rising up the game, read furthermore.

The thing I love about this sort of training is that it can be molded according to a person`s strength and stamina. It allows the individual to work out for a while to reach to the ideal level. Even if you have had an injury and you cannot stand a day without work out, cross-fit allows you to go slow and according to your body. Remember to eat healthy food with a good regimen because that is the perfect combination to get an attractive and healthy body.

Everyone who is not getting their desired results or are just tired of their regular regimen thinks to change the course of action every once in a while but before switching to cross-fit see if you lie in one of the following categories or not.

  • For those who can take the pain: Cross-fit promises effective results but that comes with a package of a lot of pain and hard work. If you consider yourself to be someone who can take the pain then go for it otherwise, give your thoughts a rest.
  • Newbie to the world of weight-training: If you have never tried weight training before then try this one. You may end up with its addiction!
  • Fitness freaks: People who cannot consider their day completed without a workout must try cross-fit as it allows individuals to workout frequently. Some people also work out twice a day and some make it for three days and rest for one day. It all depends on you.

To get the results, it is essential to have a proper trainer to guide you with all the moves otherwise the efforts you are putting in are just worthless because you would not gain much even after the sweat and hard work you put in. To keep you motivated, here is a quote from the founder of Cross Fit

Typically the world’s best athletes are minimalists when it comes to their training. They work hard and fast with few exercises. They master the fundamentals and work with them for years. This is the secret that no one wants to hear.

– Greg Glassman

Following are the ten workouts that o can have even when at home.



Jumping squats needs a lot of power and effort and this is how you up your exercising game. This exercise is great for your hamstrings, glutes, core, quads, and calves.

Start with your legs apart, put it a little wider than your hip width and your hips at your side. Bow down in this position and jump while rising your hands up. Make sure to keep your tummy tight while doing the workout. You can also do this with a barbell, if you happen to have one at your home.



Any kind of squats is good for your lower body as it requires all your strength to pull yourself up and bending yourself down.

You will start your exercise with the same position you were in when you were doing jumping squats just keep your hands straight in front to balance and raise up and move down as much as you can.


single hand kettlebell

This exercise is one of the best ways of reducing weight quickly. Just three sets of fifteen reps regularly or as it fits your body and routine.

Start your workout with 35-54 pounds of a kettlebell. Open your legs, keeping a good distance between your legs and place one of your hands straight at our side. Hold the kettlebell in your right hand and put it between your legs while bending. Slowly move upward and move your hands simultaneously until you lift it to the highest and takes it to the back. Repeat it with the other hand.


pistol squat with kettlebell

Remember when I told you that cross-fit workouts are effective but difficult. You will now know what I meant by that point. But remember what Lance Armstrong, American former bicycle rider has said:

Pain is temporary. Quitting lasts forever

This squat is done with just one leg. What you have to do is pull out both your arms in front of you to keep a balance and one leg parallel to your arms and with that posture come as close to the ground as possible. If you feel that the exercise is too easy, try adding a kettlebell to it as shown in the pic above.



This exercise works on your abdominal. We all love a beach body but do very little about it and those of us do something about it fails to get results. Well, front plank helps you get good and quick results.

Keep your fist tight and put your forearms on the ground. Stay in the push-up position and keep it that way for a whole thirty seconds or one minute. It is best to stay in that position as long as possible. Remember to keep your body straight in line and do not move it upwards or downwards.

Exercising can be very hard for some people, but try to make it your habit by doing it a little every day and you will realize how addictive it could be. I myself was a lazy person who hated the idea of working out and always went with the dieting as the best idea but now, now I cannot imagine my day without those weights and regimen! Just remember to be stronger than your strongest excuse. Because feeling sore is better than feeling sorry.

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