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Ntenis Gkoulaxidis’s Extraordinary Transformation!

“Dieting should be easy…”

I was always into fitness. I loved dieting, working out and generally, living the healthy lifestyle. 12 months ago, I got an invitation to serve my country (national service) in the Special Forces department. During this period, I couldn’t follow any diet plan, and the food was very limited. I only had access to bread, pasta, sweets, and meat which had a lot of fat on it. Also, running was the only way you could train, there was no weight training available at all. When I finished my service with the army (12 months), I was in really bad shape. Mybody fat percentage was around 35-36% and I didn’t feel healthy at all. From that point on, I decided to change my life and get back on track again, and as you can see I’ve achieved it!


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Ntenis Gkoulaxidis Weight Loss Diet:

This was my Diet Plan during my 9 month transformation!

Meal 1:

5 egg whites
30g of Whey protein powder.
2 rice cakes.
2 teaspoon of peanut butter.
35g ground oats.

Supplementation: 3000mg Omega 3, 1 Multi Vitamin, 10gr BCAA, 10g glutamine.

Meal 2:

150g of Chicken breast.
300g of cooked rice.
Tablespoon olive oil.
15g almonds.
100g broccoli.

Meal 3:

50g Protein Shake.
100g fat free Greek Yogurt.
15g almonds.
100g Green Apple.
100g Banana.
(Mixed all together)

Meal 4:

150g steak.
250g baked potatoes.
50g baby spinach .
Tablespoon olive oil.

Meal 5:

130g salmon.
150g rice cooked.
½ banana.
30g baby spinach.

Meal 6: (before bed)

1 cottage cheese mixed with 50g of whey.

Supplementation: 3000mg Omega 3, 1 Multi Vitamin, 10gr BCAA, 10g glutamine.

Post Workout Meal:

50g of whey.
1 banana.
2 rice cakes.


Ntenis Gkoulaxidis Weight Loss Workout:

Monday: Shoulders / abs / calves (plus 45 mins morning fasted cardio )
Tuesday: Arms / cardio 45 mins (plus 45 mins morning fasted cardio )
Wednesday: Back / abs / calves (plus 45 mins morning fasted cardio )
Thursday: Chest / cardio 45 mins (plus 45 mins morning fasted cardio )
Friday: Legs / calves / no cardio
Saturday: abs /45 mins cardio (plus 45 mins morning fasted cardio )
Sunday: Rest

Ntenis Gkoulaxidis Interview:


Before Stats:

  • Age: 25
  • Height: 185 cm
  • Weight: 118 kg
  • Body Fat: 36%

After Stats:

  • Age: 25
  • Height: 185 cm
  • Weight: 91 kg
  • Body Fat: 5.6 %

What Was Your Diet Like Originally To Bulk Up To 118 kg?

The only food I had access to in the army was bread, sweets, pasta, and fatty meat.

What Is Your Diet Philosophy In General?

Dieting should be easy, and you should enjoy each of your meals. Try to make it lifestyle and pass it to your friends, family, partner.


What Got You Interested In Bodybuilding?

The hard work and dedication the bodybuilders are putting into their bodies every single day into it.

When Did You Start Seeing Results?

Because I was 100% dedicated, I started seeing results in a week and that kept me moving forward.



What Small Changes Do You Think Had The Biggest Impact?

Decreasing cardio, increasing healthy fats, and reducing total amount of carbs intake.

What Was Your First Competition Experience Like?

It was amazing and I think everyone should give a try.

How Did You Stay Motivated?

I stay motivated from all the motivational and inspirational comments I’m getting every single day.


Were There Any Particular Tough Points On Your Journey?

Yes, waking up in the morning and doing cardio with empty stomach for 45 mins!

Advice For Someone Looking To Add Muscle?

Try to enjoy it first of all. Second, learn what works for your body. Third, DIET IS KEY!

What Are Your Favourite Bodybuilding Recipes?

Oats, Yoghurt, Fruits, Cinnamon, Honey, Whey powder (mixed all together and froze it for 15 mins)

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